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Monday, May 31, 2010

What we did, what we do

For starters, be forewarned that this is a "place holder" blog - my business name is Still Nature, and I need to protect it, even though we took down the web site a couple of years ago.

Two friends and I started Still Nature about seven years ago. Back then, we produced CDs using the FlipAlbum program that allowed us to develop digital photo albums showcasing Jim Angy's photography and Matt MacQueen's graphic arts skills. Our first album was about Pelican Island, as Jim had worked there several years ago and had some rare photos. This was followed by albums featuring sea turtles, Central Florida habitats, Turkey Creek Sanctuary, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, and Brevard Zoo. We don't sell these CDs any more, as many of the links in the reference section are out of date, and these days, folks are more into video. I still have some of the CDs left however, so email me if you are interested in purchasing one- some great photography and information in them.

We then developed Florida Beach Basics - The Space Coast, a narrated DVD with six UV-coated reference cards. One of the reference cards identifies the three sea turtles found on our beaches, with photos of the adults, adults tracks, and hatchlings. The back side of the card lists some of the common-sense rules protecting sea turtles and provides rescue contact information. You're familiar with the saying "life is what happens while you're making plans" - as it turned out, the sea turtle reference cards are the big sellers, not the whole kit of the DVD and the other cards. I customize these cards for the sponsoring organization, and hotels and sea turtle rescue organizations around the state purchase these sea turtle reference cards to give to beach goers to educate them about protecting and preserving the endangered treasures. If you're interesting in purchasing customized cards, please email me for details.

I do a couple of blogs - Space Coast Beach Buzz tells you about sea turtles, birds, shuttle launches, etc. There are some great photos in the blog, thanks to some very talented friends.
My other blog, Space Coast Eco , describes (in excruciating detail) places to go in Brevard County - how to get there and what to expect. I refer to these adventures as "field trips", and they'll take you to places you might not otherwise find unless you are a Brevard County local who gets around.